APPG hosts oral evidence sessions as part of R&D inquiry

As part of its inquiry into TB and global health research and development (R&D) the APPG hosted two oral evidence sessions in July 2020.

Speaking to expert witnesses in the UK and internationally, officers of the APPG asked questions about the future of TB and global health R&D, the UK's research priorities moving forward, and the impact of COVID-19 on TB and global health research more broadly.

Over the course of two conference calls, the following witnesses were interviewed:

  • Dr Nick Chapman, CEO of Policy Cures Research

  • Tabitha Ha, Advocacy Manager at STOPAIDS

  • Professor Bertie Squire, Professor of Clinical Tropical Medicine and Dean of Clinical Sciences & International Public Health and the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

  • Sharonann Lynch, HIV & TB Policy Advisor at Médecins sans Frontières

  • Hester Kuipers, Executive Director Europe of IAVI

  • Mike Frick, TB Project Co-Director at Treatment Action Group

  • Dr Ben Bleasdale, Senior Policy Adviser at the Wellcome Trust

The discussions were informed by the written evidence that had already been received from a wide variety of stakeholders. Both written and oral evidence will inform the final inquiry report, which will be launched on Parliament's return in Autumn 2020.