Joint APPG event hosts Oxford University students

In a joint event with the All-Party Parliamentary Groups on Malaria & Neglected Tropical Diseases, HIV/AIDS and Global Health, the APPG hosted a group of students from Oxford University's Master's Program on International Health and Tropical Medicine.

The international group of students presented on key challenges in the fight against TB, HIV and Malaria.

The group of students presenting on TB focused on new opportunities for diagnosing and treating TB and MDR-TB and spoke passionately about how investment in research and development as well as TB programmes themselves would be vital to attaining the End TB Strategy targets.

Many of the presenting students worked as medical professionals prior to commending their postgraduate degrees and could provide real insight into the challenges faced by doctors in low and middle income countries as well as humanitarian settings.

Representing the APPG on TB, Baroness Sheehan concluded the event by encouraging the students to engage in political processes in the UK, their home countries and on the international stage.